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Watch Disney Plus On Xbox One [ Easy ]

In the world of console gaming, one of the oldest and the most reliable is the Xbox by Microsoft. For over eighteen years, Xbox has been helping us live our best gaming lives.

With most versions and models of Xbox released, there is hardly anyone who has not played/heard the name of Xbox.

With the new Xbox X just underway, to be released this year, your gaming experience cannot get any better than this. The ample number of features one gets with an Xbox is extra-ordinary.

The latest version of Xbox One S and Xbox one X let you play with a 4k Blu-ray picture quality.

You can also stream Ultra HD videos/series/movies on Netflix, Amazon, and Microsoft movies. You also get to have the spatial sound feature by Dolby. What more do you want? Disney plus? You get that too!

Yes, you read it right Disney+ can also be streamed on the Xbox One X, Ones, and one! It serves as the cherry on the cake!

You can now stream endless videos and shows at an annual or monthly rental plan. Sayonara Netflix! That’s right.

In just some simple steps you can download and get started with your Disney+ subscription now, here’s how to do it-

Sign in to your account.

You can create your account if you do not have one, or you can sign-in to avail of the free week trial and begin streaming endless content.

Diversity through consumption- The Disney company has made sure that its users are not limited to accessing good content due to a lack of gadgets. And thus, you can login to your Disney+ account through iPhone, Android, and even Xbox!

Internet speed

you already know the Xbox One S and Xbox One X both support 4k Ultra HD videos, and thus you ought to have high-speed internet to stream the heavy picture resolution. Your internet speed should be at least 25mbps or more; only then you’ll be able to enjoy the high resolution.

Controller login

you’ve opened your Xbox account; you need to press Y to search Disney+ on your console, then pressing A will open the Microsoft Store from where you can easily download it.

Downloading it press the middle button to open the App and then enter your Disney+ login details. Now you’re all set, choose the video you wish to watch by simply pressing A and experience high-resolution binge-watching.

Through these simple steps, you can start your Disney+ subscription today. As I mentioned earlier, there are two kinds of subscriptions available monthly ($ 6.99/month) or annually ($ 69.99).

The latter subscription helps you save you close to $15. You can pick the subscriptions per your usage, and with such good picture quality and sound, you are bound to have loads of fun.

It is undoubtedly going to revolutionize the video streaming industry. Moreover, it’s a great comeback of Disney in the market. A risky move, but at least it will ensure you enjoy your favorite shows on your Xbox One in the best possible way!

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