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Best Xbox Tips And Tricks 2022

You just bought an Xbox One S or X? Whether you got it as a present from your gamer uncle or already had it, you must be wondering about the different ways by which you can fully enjoy the game.

Xbox Tips For 2022

So, to help you have a more fulfilling and thrilling gaming experience, we have ventured to list out a few essential tips that will add to the gaming fun:

Customize the Xbox background

Bored of seeing that old desktop background every time you open the Xbox? Then change your experience now.

By connecting a USB cable or port to your Xbox, you can browse an image, open it, and set it as the background. You will find it in the ‘set it as background’ option of the menu button.

Now, you can enjoy your game with a background of your choice.

Get rid of Disc Autoplay

You put a disc into the Xbox console, and it starts playing in a routine. Have to close it again, like every other time? Nothing is more annoying than that!

However, you might not know that you can stop this feature by disabling it.

Just go to settings and uncheck or disable the ‘Play Disc Automatically’ feature. Simple!

You can manually play it as per your choice. Enjoy your game thoroughly!

Share games with your acquaintances

Someone wise said, sharing is caring; this phrase becomes more relevant when one is talking about digital games. With the option of sharing digital games via Xbox, you can share your games with your kith and kin to have more fun.

For this, you have to share your account information with your acquaintance, sign up with his/ her account and select ‘Home Xbox’ in Settings.

An efficient way to save your money and increase your access to exciting games, this trick is a must-have. With the help of your peer group, make your gaming experience more enjoyable.

Earn free rewards

Who in this world doesn’t like free Xbox gift cards? We are no exception in this regard. By signing up for the ‘Rewards Program’ of Xbox, you get access to rewards earned by completing simple gigs.

On completing the assigned gigs, you can earn credits that you can redeem later as free rewards of any form.

What else would a gamer need? You can play this exciting game and win rewards, too. This is a win-win situation for any keen gaming enthusiast.

Take a screenshot of your gameplay

You scored your highest till now in the game, but telling this to your friend is worthless. He/ she is not going to believe it unless you have a piece of evidence.

In this situation, you can take a screenshot of the game and keep it safe for future use.

By using the above tips and tricks, you can enhance your glee of gaming with an Xbox console. You don’t have to get bored anymore. The tactics mentioned above make it fun and engaging at the same time involving the titbits of the game.

This list of tips has been put together to guide newbies, as well as an experienced player. Memorize these basics to unlock the exciting features of Xbox, and keep the zeal fresh.

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